Vomit is food that is not digested very well and comes back out of your mouth. In vomit there is mucus, saliva, acids, and chemicals.

Text Box:  You vomit because you sometimes eat too much, the food is bad, or because you have a stomach virus.

Vomit is green because of the bile.












Ear Wax


Ear wax protects our ear canal. The wax in our ears is called cerumen. The wax comesText Box:  out of the ear because the old was is pushed out and falls out.

Text Box:  You should NOT clean your ears with anything smaller than your elbow! Itís dangerous because you can make a hole in you ear drum.










Text Box:  A zit is made of sebum. The sebum blocks your pores and you get a zit.

Text Box:  A zit is white because it is stuck under the skin and there is no contact with the air.

You can prevent zits by eating well and washing your face. Donít pop you pimples because you can make the infection spread.










Burping and Farting


When you burp or fart it is because there is gas coming out of your body.

Text Box:  We burp and fart because we swallow air all the time, and it needs to come out from somewhere.

Brussel sprouts, cabbage, onions, turkey, and beans are some foods that make us fart. In one day you can burp and fart at least 10 to 15 times a day!













Text Box:

Mucus is in your nose. It is made of salt and chemicals.

Text Box:  We have mucus in our nose to trap dust and dirt that is in the air we breathe. Boogers are dried up mucus with dust.

We need to sneeze because the mucus needs to come out of our noses.